Minecraft: The Story of Mojang Deluxe Digital Download

Minecraft: The Story of Mojang Deluxe Digital Download

Instant streaming and HD Downloads of the original film and bonus material that includes The Family Edition, Deleted Scenes, Notch: The Final Conversation, 4J Studios: Porting the Game and more!

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Minecraft: The Story of Mojang Deluxe Digital Download

14 Videos

  • Minecraft: The Story of Mojang

    This is the untouched version of the feature film. It contains some adult language and may not be suitable for young children. This film can be streamed from your browser, or you can choose from any of the available download options.

    Story of Mojang was filmed in 720p resolution, so you wi...

  • Family-friendly edition

    Story of Mojang contains minor instances of adult language. This family safe version has had audio profanity bleeped and visual profanity blurred. It's is still encouraged that parents view on their own before sharing with children.

  • Director's Commentary

    Go behind the scenes with the team from 2 Player Productions: Paul Owens, Paul Levering, and Asif Siddiky.

    This streaming version of the film features the filmmaker audio commentary track. You will also find this track embedded in the downloadable version of the main feature. It is availabl...

  • Kickstarter Proof of Concept

    Before Story of Mojang was even an idea, 2 Player Productions traveled to Sweden to capture Notch and the new Mojang crew moving into their first office. Public interest in the short video was so high that the decision was made to develop it into a feature by utilizing the crowd funding platform...

  • The Making of Scrolls (Pt. 1)

    Scrolls is a collectable card battling game created by Jakob Porser, who co-founded Mojang with Notch. Scrolls will be the first game developed from start to finish within Mojang, and this documentary series follows the idea from it's very early stages.

  • The Making of Scrolls (Pt. 2)

    This installment of the Scrolls series finds us spending time with Junkboy and the rest of the art team as they develop the games complex 2D art style.

  • The Making of Scrolls (Pt. 3)

    The Scrolls team begins to see the identity of the game coalesce as they spend more time play testing and moving into the alpha stages of development.

  • Notch: The Final Conversation

    Markus "Notch" Perrson opens up to us more than ever in his final interview. With the weight of Minecraft off his shoulders and his new game ahead of him, Markus explores his creative motivations and demos 0x10c.

  • 4J Studios: Porting The Game

    During the course of filming for Story of Mojang 2 Player stopped by Scotland to visit with developers 4J. 4J was known for doing high quality ports of classic games to modern hardware, and had been entrusted with the conversion of Minecraft for release on the Xbox 360 platform.

  • Deleted Scene: Kotaku Breakfast

  • Deleted Scene: Community

  • Deleted Scene: Notch Hat

  • Deleted Scene: Fan Visit

  • Deleted Scene: Minecraft Teacher pt. 2